Sunday mornings are our primary weekly gatherings. Here’s what you can expect as you arrive for…


As you arrive for Sunday School, one of our greeters will be glad to help you find the right class for you. For children and students up through 12th grade, our classes are divided based on age/grade of your child. For adults, we have classes for young adults and senior adults, singles and couples, men and women. Our adult classes are also guided by variety of different curriculums. Feel free to try a few classes to find the one that feels like home. Our Sunday School classes are designed not only to offer a great learning environment but also to provide an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with a small group of people. Sunday School begins @ 10a.m. and ends around 10:45a.m., which leaves about 15 minutes for you to find a seat before worship begins.


As you arrive for worship, you’ll notice that what people wear to church is not a very high priority for us. While everyone dresses modestly, you’ll see some people in t-shirts and others in ties, some in jeans and others in dresses. We are far more concerned about the condition of the heart than outward appearances, so dress comfortably. 

As you enter the building, there will be greeters at the front door of the sanctuary to welcome you, offer you a bulletin that will let you know what is going on this week, and help you find a seat.

We believe it is important to respect the valuable time that our members and visitors commit to be here each week, so the worship service will begin promptly at 11a.m. and usually last right at an hour. The musical style used in our worship service is very much a blended style. We sing new songs and old hymns. You’ll hear a praise band, but you’ll also hear a piano and organ. We believe this blended musical style is a reflection of our community and our congregation, people from several generations and many walks of life, who are united by our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

The preaching and teaching that you will hear is shaped by our strong conviction that the Bible is authored by God, is completely true, and reveals Jesus Christ as the only hope for this world. Therefore, you should expect to hear a message that is grounded in the biblical truth about Jesus and the life that he calls us to live by faith.